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Spectrum Outreach Services

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We offer recovery programs catering to your specific needs.

Welcome to Spectrum Outreach Services

We offer clinical services focused on meeting the individual needs of each person who reaches out to us for help. This is not an easy or a fast process. Recovery starts with seeking out the help, let us be your starting place. Call us at 740-532-3767 and our caring and knowledgeable staff will guide you. We welcome all calls and look forward to providing you with answers.

What makes us different

At Spectrum we focus on the individual. We do not have “cookie cutter” treatment models, our staff works to identify resources that the individual needs for their successful recovery. Living a sober lifestyle is different for everyone. Development of sober living skills focuses on long-term recovery for every client.

There are no barriers for someone seeking help at Spectrum. We have scheduling options, payment options, and location options that allow anyone the opportunity to work with us.