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Recovery Housing

Residential Housing

Based on the severity of illness clients may be placed in our long-term residential housing. Group and individual counseling will be provided to the exploration of alcohol and other drug problems an or addictions and their ramifications, including an examination of attitudes and feelings, consideration of alternative solutions, and decision making with respect to alcohol and other drug related problems. Upon completion of our residential program, all clients have the opportunity to transition to our Re-Design Recovery Housing (Sober Living Housing) to continue their recovery journey at a different level.

Re-Design Recovery (Sober Living)

Sober Living is designed to assist newly recovering clients with support to maintain their sobriety while working toward independent living. Focus at the Sober Living level is to continue the recovery journey while working or attending school. Each client is given support to find employment or attend school and transportation until stability can be obtained, encouraging a healthy sober lifestyle. Clients will receive intensive outpatient services during the first year of stay at the Sober Living level. Other services provided at this level are Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, Case Management, Drug Screening, and Family reunification. Clients are encouraged to obtain their GED or continue education to obtain employment that is able to support a sober lifestyle. Once employed clients may request financial planning assistance to include budgeting to assist with fines, fees and child support to be rectified to provide the best outcome for the client when they begin to live independently.

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